Bespoke solutions

Supplying flexible packaging products and equipment for over 40 years

Over our 40+ years in the packaging business, Harrison Verity Products has continually strived to improve and extend the range of services we can provide to you and our existing customers.


We use a variety of innovative and advanced techniques to ensure that you get the packaging solution which is right for you.  These include applying technologies such as:

  • Specially fabricated foams

    these can be moulded exactly for packaging unusual shapes and sizes and protecting fragile items


  • Polythene packaging

    including biodegradable products and custom printed polythene to assist you’re your branding


  • Thermoformed plastics

    making beneficial use of air pressure for faster automated production, ideal for the softer packaging requirements of toiletries, electronics, pharmaceuticals food and drink.


  • Blister packaging

    protecting pharmaceutical products and food from contamination and climatic conditions


  • Printed flexible or rigid films

    for foodstuffs and other consumer goods


  • Printing

    including techniques such as hot foil mono print


  • With made to measure machine manufacture or hand made bespoke capabilities at your disposal, we can meet your requirements for the production of flat or gusseted bags in multiple sizes.

  • We can also provide a range of different packaging equipment to help you complete the job, such as mobile press machines for unique shaped packaging, bag machines for bespoke tied bags, shrink wrapping tools and heat sealed extruders.

“The advantage of partnering a local supplier enforces our commitment to sustainability and the reduction of our carbon footprint.”