Our mission and values

Our Vision

“to be the UK’s leading environmentally friendly packaging supplier”

Our Mission

“We will work with our customers and suppliers to continuously improve their carbon footprint through the development & supply of environmentally friendly packaging products. Quality and Service is at the heart of everything we do and we will continuously innovate & work as a team to ensure we meet our customers’ needs.

Our company and our partnerships are built on trust, a common goal and mutual respect for each other.”

Our Culture

At Harrison-Verity Products our core values and culture are to:

Be Truthful, Respectful and to create an open and Honest environment
Ensure Quality is at the centre of everything we do
Deliver excellent Customer Service to each other and our customers
Take Responsibility for our actions and the effect on others
Work as a Team to achieve the best outcome for any given situation
Be Professional in everything we do
Demonstrate Integrity in our products, principles and processes
Constantly strive to improve our Knowledge & understanding to best serve each other and our customers