About Us

The complete package

With us, you have the peace of mind that your packaging will always be ready


  • At Harrison Verity Products, we make it our objective to work with you as a genuine business partner.  Our vision is to be the UK’s leading environmentally friendly packaging supplier through innovation, customer service excellence and the high quality of our products.

  • We have been successfully supplying first class packaging solutions to organisations across Lancashire and the North West since 1974, from major blue chip companies such as Crown Paints through to smaller local SMEs and micro businesses.

  • We believe offering a better business service is about partnerships and trust:  our passion for understanding our customers’ needs inside out means we have been able to supply them and maintain strong relationships for many years.  Perhaps we can now do the same for you.

Solving your packaging challenges


  • If you have a packaging challenge, the chances are we can solve it for you with high tech equipment and a flexible range of products.  Our packaging experts can visit your premises to help you work out the best products and packaging to ship your products safely and securely to your customers.

  • And if for any reason we think our service may not be the best solution, we will tell you straight and make alternative suggestions.

Speed of service and reliability


  • From our established Blackburn headquarters in the heart of Lancashire, we pride ourselves on our rapid response to deliver a same day or next day delivery service, either by courier or via our own vehicles.

  • We know that one of the biggest headaches for businesses juggling their distribution processes is that all too often they are let down when orders are not delivered on time.  We work in a time critical industry so it’s up to us to ensure that our service quality and delivery levels stand head and shoulders above the rest.

  • In an ever changing industry where technology and innovation are continually developing, we are committed to working with both customers and suppliers to improve their carbon footprint.  We can achieve this through the development and supply of environmentally friendly packaging products.